COVID-19 and No emergency housing

The team is 100% committed to maintaining the highest standards of service, hygiene and protection as required by the NZ Government Covid-19 Protection Framework. Unfortunately we do not offer WINZ quotes for emergency housing. We are a family friendly motel.

Western Okataina Walkway

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The Western Okataina Walkway trail is a popular walking trail that was opened for mountain biking in 2012. This stunning adventure ride will provide you with a sense of achievement, as you soak in the beautiful vistas through the gaps in the tree cover. Keep an eye out for the stunning lakes that surround you. The 2-3 hour, Grade 3 trail hosts a range of terrain for riders to test their skills and endurance. This is 19km of backcountry bliss ... and another 19km back.

Click here to download a map of the Western Okataina Mountain Biking Trails.